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Sysop Application for ILink Echomail Network


    When a sysop applies to join ILink, a review is made of the applicant's
     BBS policies, message traffic, stability, capabilities, and overall
     quality. This review is carried out quietly by the ILink BBS
     Administrator. On approval, the BBS is admitted as a trial member for a
     60-day period, and is assigned to a host system for mail transfers by
     the ILink BBS Administrator.

     More details concerning the policies governing ILink are contained in a
     file called ILDoc. Upon acceptance, additional documentation to assist
     you in setting up ILink will be provided.


     It takes about one week to process an application from the time you
     submit it to the time you are informed of the decision.

Note: If you are using a browser that cannot handle mailto forms, please Download this  ASCII application and email it to
Does your BBS meet the requirements below?
  • The BBS must be available to callers for a reasonable period of time sufficient to allow exchange of echomail packages at least once each day, preferably seven days a week.
  • The Sysop should be reasonably active in maintaining his/her board and willing to keep the ILink conference list current when requested by the ILink Conference Administrator.
  • The BBS must be capable of transferring mail using a network-compatible method such as QWK, FTN.
Please indicate which BBS software you are using
  • At present, the following BBS software is acceptable: PCBoard, WildCat!, Remote Access, or Synchronet. Other BBS software will be considered; on approval by the Admin Team. Test conference(s) can be used for review. Once messages prove to be flowing properly you will be given access to all ILink conferences.
How long has your system been in operation at its current location?
Software is licensed to (name)
Primary Sysop Name
Postal Code
Daytime phone number (incl. country and area code)
Evening phone number (incl. country and area code)
What is your email address?
Your BBS Name
Main data number for the system (incl. country and area code)
Is your BBS telnettable? Address?
Do you have a HomePage? Address?
Description of your BBS (max 55 characters)
How do you plan on transferring mail packets
Comments? (Where did you hear about ILink?)
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